Past Concerts

  • Roxanne Potvin – April 1, 2017

    Roxanne is a singer, guitarist and songwriter, with a ” voice like melted butter on mashed potatoes”. Her early affection for rock and roll, the oldies, the Beatles and blues music became the catalyst for her pop smart, undeniable soul and pure sound. Her latest album, For Dreaming, captures the hidden meanings of life’s simplest moments.

  • Fred Eaglesmith – March 4, 2017

    Fred is a Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter. He is best known for writing songs about machines, trucks,tractors, cars, and engines. Many of his songs are based on rural life, dogs, guns,

  • Red Hot Ramble – February 11, 2017

    Red Hot Ramble brings the essence of Mardi Gras to every occasion, whether performing at jazz festivals, blues bars, right down south in New Orleans or in Highgate, at the Mary Webb Centre. Two weeks before the real thing in Louisiana, come celebrate Mardi Gras on Saturday, February 11th

  • A Leahy Family Christmas – December 2, 2016

    An unforgettable experience of music, dance and song! The Leahy Family brings to life all the joy, wonder and excitement of Christmastime! Join one of Canada’s most well-known musical families – including an energetic cast of

  • The Laws – November 12, 2016

    John and Michelle Law, from Wheatly, Ontario are a singer-songwriting husband and wife team. Their songs are influenced by folk, country and bluegrass with a sound that is rich and strong conveying love, loss, and passion. The

  • Royal Wood – October 15, 2016

    Royal, named after his great grandfather, Royal Rufus Wood of Chatham, was born in
    Lakefield, Ontario. He grew up in a house filled with music and started playing piano at four and by his teens had become a multi-instrumentalist well-versed in numerous styles. Royal’s accolades range from Juno nominations to songwriter of the year.
    CBC Music states ” The songsmith brings class and craft to his pop-rock stylings, delivering them with a rich and resonant voice, while his charm as a performer has earned a sizeable and loyal audience “.

    Cadence Music
    There are various explanations for the term ‘ghost light’ in relation to the world around us. There is the supernatural narrative – that every theatre has a ghost, and that when the light isn’t lit, the darkness provides a chance for the dead to haunt us. And then there is the Royal Wood version of GHOST LIGHT. The kind that lets someone truly shine from within– raw, honest and open….

  • Rant Maggie Rant – September 27, 2016

    Rant Maggie Rant is an award winning, rabble-rousing, Celtic-fusion band from Stratford, Ontario. As traditionalists, RMR respect the time honoured Celtic nation style but with an goal to liberally ” colour outside the prescribed lines”.

  • Matthew Barber and Jill Barber

    June 18, 2016       Matthew Barber and Jill Barber present The Family Album, a collection of songs written by the renowned Canadian siblings and songs by the likes of Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Ian Tyson and more. Channeling a vintage spirit while remaining thoroughly contemporary, Jill Barber has carved out a unique niche in the Canadian music landscape […]

  • Patrick Brealey – Dark Angel: The Music of Roy Orbison

    April 16, 2016

    There was rock and roll. There was pop music. There was Roy Orbison.

    A true outlier, Roy Orbison remains an anomaly in the canon of popular music. Starting with his breakthrough hit Only the Lonely in 1960, Orbison’s orchestrated creations blurred the lines between rock and roll, pop and classical music, sounding like nothing else on the radio at the time. And that voice. Oh, that voice. Elvis Presley believed Roy was “the greatest singer in the world” and Dwight Yoakam likened his voice to “the cry of an