Amanda Rheaume – Friday, April 21, 2023

Review of Amanda Rheaume

  The audience at The Mary Webb centre for the Arts on Friday, April 21st, 2023 was treated to a truly amazing concert when Amanda Rheaume and her band showed them what entertainers can be capable of doing. In between some wonderful songs that Amanda had written, she told intriguing stories about her Metis heritage. One thing that doesn’t happen very often was as Amanda told her stories, the three band members stood behind her and softly played background music. It was very intriguing.

  Amanda has played all over Canada, the US and overseas, including near the community of Lac Seul in NW Ontario where her great grandmother was from. Amanda has travelled to that community and met many relatives she has never come in contact with. Many of Amanda’s songs are about her heritage and travels across Canada. She also had some very humorous stories about her love life. Her band were very entertaining as well, with the guitar player making his guitar do some amazing things. Fun to watch. As usual for a band this good, they received a standing ovation and came back on stage for one more song. The audience would have been happy to have them play many more songs. Amanda was very friendly, coming down stairs both during the intermission and after the concert to mingle with the audience and MWC volunteers. Overall, it was another great concert.

   The next concert is on Saturday, May 6th, 2023 at 8:00 pm when the Ennis Sisters return for their 6th appearance to the Mary Webb Centre for the Arts. If it’s at The Mary Webb Centre, you know it will be great.


l-r: Tyler Tapscott, Tyson Galloway, Amanda Rheaume,

Alyssa Delbaere Sawchuk

Photo by Minke de Vogel