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I consider the Mary Webb Centre as “a beacon” for the arts in an unexpected place, Highgate- an oasis for the heart and soul. How wonderful that I will participate there as a poet- I really look forward to this event- bravo!
Mary Ann Mulhern, March 23, 2011
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Wow … this (2011) line-up is fantastic.
I guess it goes to show what a devoted group of volunteers are capable of…..
Looking forward to spreading the word that the Mary Webb Centre is out there, alive and well in Highgate.
Anonymous “JT”, 2011/03/20
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The last 4 concerts have been fantastic! Each one was an evening to remember and I highly recommend this unique, acoustical Centre to anyone looking for an affordable, up close and engaging event. Congratulations to the Highgate community for presenting such a professional venue in east Chatham-Kent. Keep up the good work – I look forward to the 2011 concert line-up. Keep me on your email list!
Ann Fisher. 2010/12/07


Just a congratulatory note in regards to a great concert last night. This was our first opportunity to attend one of the events at the Mary Webb Center and we thoroughly enjoyed it .The setting is intimate and to be in house with community a wonderful experience.


For myself, my husband and I sat in our “former” family pew. The final song sung “You are my Sunshine” was so fitting as “My Sunshine” was my Father. He went home to be with my mother, (a wonderful woman herself) fittingly February 14th, 2008 and last night was just a heart-warming event all the way around.


My Mother and Father were married in the former church, as my brother and his wife and myself and my husband. My brother and sister in law shared the family pew with us last night. A beautiful prelude to the Christmas season.
Thank You for taking the time to preserve this landmark and organizing such a spectacular show.
Sandra Teetzel Rumble, 2010/11/21


We caught the last two shows in your fall line up and that was enough to
fall in love with the building and the spirit that’s keeping it in place.
We’d like to donate to the next step in the process. Could you please pass
on contact info in order to send a cheque?
(Name withheld as per our donor policy), 2010/11/23


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the
concert on Saturday. It was a wonderful evening and the Good Lovelies were
superb! How fantastic to have such first class entertainment just up the
road. Charlie bought me the Good Lovelies Christmas CD…I think it will be the soundtrack to my first Yule Tide in business!
I wish you much success in your purchase of the building and your future events.
Kindest Regards,
Karla Mitton, 2010/11/22


What a fantastic venue. One of the finest I have ever played. Warm incredible acoustics and intimacy. We could have played until dawn!! All the best with the recovery effort and giving this community a special arts meeting place. Go listen to music and dance from Friday to Sunday! I’m not sure if everybody knows what a special facility you have. Save it for your future!
String Bone (Barry Payne), 2010/10/18
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We attended our second concert Saturday night and could not have been more pleased with almost three hours of entertainment provided by the triple bill. Six talented performers gathered in one spot proving again the magical acoustics of the historic church building. Bill Bourne is an exceptional talent and generous performer and acknowledged this special building in Highgate. Purchased one of his CD’s Saturday night and will be visiting iTunes store for more of his music. Congratulations to the organizers and I suggest purchasing your tickets early for the next concert as i believe it will be another sell out on Nov. 20th.
Anonymous, 2010/10/17
Courtesy of Response Page on Chatham-Kent Daily Post