Ennis is Newfoundland’s Celtic secret of silken-soft, east-coast grace. These sisters have been making music since before walking and now, they tour the world over and collect multiple awards along the way. Amazing audiences with their musical and vocal talents, in addition to dancing and a heavy dose of dry wit, Ennis have accomplishments to stand behind their acclaim. Juno & SOCAN Awards, multiple ECMA’s, Music NL awards and nominations, are all in addition to 3 of 6 albums going Gold! With all their experience, Karen Ennis remembers The Mary Webb Centre very well, stating it “stood out” with stunning acoustics. Ennis is thrilled to be making a return on September 20th, opening the 2014/15 concert series.

Ennis has been touring since 2013, writing new material, and taking some rejuvenating time off to refresh their talents. After performing for 18 months, Ennis came to discover their sound has been formed deeply by the landscape and mood of Newfoundland, making them a real local treasure. Their music tells of stories entrenched in the genetics of Irish culture. They know it takes a tremendous amount of work to succeed in the music industry and their dedication is evident. Ennis, simply put, carries on a beautiful musical tradition all the while receiving inspiration from their source in the landscapes of alluring Newfoundland. The secret is out and performing with the likes of Jane Arden, Mary Black and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has charged their loyalty to their craft.


Mona Natvik, The Mary Webb Centre