Ennis Sisters – Saturday, May 6, 2023

  For their sixth visit to the Mary Webb Centre for the Arts, The Ennis Sisters Theresa, Maureen and Karen returned for another outstanding, full house concert. From art centres in their home province of Newfoundland and Labrador to an eclectic range of venues across Canada and worldwide, they have been singing as a group for 26 years. Last year, they performed for International leaders and delegates at the 75th anniversary in Juno. Their captivating sibling three-part harmony resonates, especially in the Mary Webb Centre.

  Their humour in telling us stories about their lives growing up in Nfld had the audience in stitches. For a group that has been together for so long, it is fun to watch them perform, take shots at each other and never stop smiling. Karen, the middle oldest of the three, loves to tell stories about the other two, who of course have a few things to say about her. 

  Since their last visit to TMWC in 2018, they have lost a few of their family members and relatives, including their father and Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron, who had moved to Ontario and passed away before he could get back home, inspired Maureen to write a song called “Take Me Home.” As they sang the song, it gave me goose bumps as I’m sure it did for many others in the audience. Karen and Theresa also broke out into energetic step dancing during one of their songs.

  The best reviews of the concert are comments made by audience members after the concert. One said, “I really needed this!” while another, a first time visitor to TMWC, said that he would travel a long way to see them again. Of course, when they were finished their show, they received a standing ovation and then did a few more songs.

 If it’s at The Mary Webb Centre, you know it will be great!

l-r: The Ennis Sisters Theresa, Maureen and Karen

plus their keyboard player Wade Tarling