It came as no surprise to the dedicated Mary Webb Centre audience members that Ennis was welcomed back to the stage on Saturday September 20th to open up the 2014/15 concert series along with percussionist and song writing partner Mark Murphy. They brought with them a slice of Irish-Newfoundland culture and a dose of their friendly and occasionally rivalrous wit. Karen and Maureen Ennis are sisters who performed for us not only their musical and vocal talents, but also danced and told us stories with a lively dose of punch lines. The stories are what made Ennis so delightful. In an intimate venue these sisters have come to know well, Karen and Maureen didn’t shy from being open and honest with us from start to finish. We got a taste of life’s bittersweet way of giving us experience, sometimes joyous and sometimes not. Ennis was sincere and engaging, making us laugh and feel at home in The Mary Webb Centre.  With their musical talents and interests having been encouraged by a family of music and story since their earliest years, Ennis has evolved into an act fully capable of entertaining not just the ears but also a part of our souls. Maureen, Karen and Mark were all a genuine delight.

Mona Natvik, The Mary Web Centre