The Old Guyitt House
The most photographed house in this area , in Ontario , or even Canada – some say ….  was the old Guyitt house on #3 highway / Talbot trail  just south of Highgate.
It was built in 1842 and demolished  this June 2023.
Ron Guyitt bought it in 1908.  He died in 1965.
Additions were built In the 1920s and 1940s. 
The two barns burned down circa 1970s
The bricks and the porch were eventually removed for safety reasons.
His grandson, Peter Anderson has farmed  the land since then.
Photographers and artists have loved that old house for years, and many images are on the Internet.
 Our local artists have painted it often, and this show is a sampling  of their work inspired by the ever-changing
aging house.
We all miss it when we drive by,  but we have our artwork to remember it by.
 Long may she live  in  our photographs, painting , and memories.