Growing up on a farm near Blenheim, Ontario, animals where a big part of my everyday life.

In my twenties, I had friends who raised Siberian Huskies.  They asked if I would sketch their dogs.  This is when my passion to sketch wolves began. 

Through the years, I have sketched many different animals, but found I have a fondness for wolves and horses. 

In 2016, I started acrylic painting landscapes, which led to painting wolves, horses and other animals. I definitely have my own unique style to create the effect I am after.

I am retired and recently moved to St. Thomas from West Lorne and spend the winter months painting and sketching.  I am a wife, mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother and find at times that my responsibilities suffer the consequences of my favourite pass time.

I am a self-taught artist in both sketching and painting.