The former Highgate United Church had many “relics” that the Mary Webb Centre Committee felt should not be lost to the community.  We proposed that an archive be established, to preserve and display the history of the area’s first church, its people, the Village of Highgate, Orford Township and surrounding areas.  The Church Trustees have donated to the Centre one of everything – a bible, hymn book, prayer book, collection plate, old photos and so on.  Members of the congregation have promised items from their own collections, as have residents of the area.
Opening a proper archive is still many months away in the future but by making it known today, perhaps you will consider donating some aspect of the history of Highgate that should be displayed for all to see.

We are especially interested in obtaining photographs of the church as it was being build and dedicated in 1898 and 1918, and photographs of Highgate from that era.

Watch this page for developments as they happen. If you are interested in joining an archive committee, please let us know.



Hnother Highgate historical highlight was the 1890 discovery by John Reycraft in a field outside Highgate of bones which turned out to be southern Ontario’s most complete skeleton of a mastodon – a plant-eatin