Skydiggers – May 11, 2024

The Mary Webb Centre’s Final 2023-24 Concert

  On Saturday, May 11, 2024 the Mary Webb Centre for the Arts in Highgate ended its 2023-24 concert series with two different groups. Before the headline band the Skydiggers, there was an opening act, Albion West, from Chicago, the first band out of the US to perform at the MWC. Albion West had collaborated on a song with Chatham-Kent local Cathy Hoffman, hence the connection and coming to Highgate.

  The three young musicians, on guitar and key board, drums and cello were very talented and with the 5 songs they sang, certainly entertained the full house. They all had unique musical skills, with the drummer in particular having a soft flowing touch. This is certainly a band that will do very well.

  After a short intermission Skydiggers was introduced by Rick Gardiner of Planet Print, one of the concert’s sponsors, who said that he had been a Skydiggers fan for over 30 years, had seen them at least a dozen times and was very anxious to hear them in the MWC. Skydiggers is a Canadian roots rock band from Toronto who, since 1990, has released 20 albums. It was obvious that the crowd was looking forward to hearing many of their favourites. I will Give You Everything, Feel You Closer, We Don’t Talk Much Anymore, You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve and Anything for You were just a few. Lead singer Andy Maize told the story of how, on Mar. 14, 2020, they were going to have a big concert/party in remembrance of their first album release in 1990, but that little thing called COVID got in the way. They have continued to write songs and perform, delighting audiences everywhere they go. Also interesting was that Andy’s parents were born in Chatham and Leamington, therefore close Chatham-Kent connections. They told several stories of growing up and playing their music, all fun to hear.

  All told, a great way to end the season. One way to know that the bands were appreciated was in the number of their albums and t-shirts sold, both during the intermission and after the concert. A special thanks to our sponsors Planet Print and Libro as well as thanks to Karen Ewald Wealth Management who helped bring Albion West to the MWC. Of course, big thanks to our sound tech Joel Morningstar and to John Honeywell who travels with Skydiggers.

l-r: Linnea Scott, Jeremiah de la Pena and Kacie Swierk

l:r: Michael Johnston, Jessy Bell Smith, Derek Brady, Noel Webb, Andy Maize, Aaron Coneau and Josh Finlayson