Harry Manx

The Mary Webb Centre’s next guest, Harry Manx, is different and special; he is difficult to define but easy to appreciate.  Manx’s “Mysticssippi” blues music is an east-west link that is both traditional and territory-breaking. His almost indescribable smooth-blues, roots world music is distinctive, hard to forget and deep in worldly flavour. Even his voice is a perfect contradiction between raspy and smooth.  This artist goes beyond merely combining the virtues of many styles, but can transform a genre of music into a powerful combination of Hindustani classical music from India and the solid undertones of the South.
This man has no boring past either. With Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, the inventor of the 20 string Mohan Veena, Manx studied for years. This Indian sitar meets western guitar is not a common choice but Manx has made it his signature instrument. At age 15, Manx starting working with bands as a ‘roadie’, eventually becoming a regular sound man on the blues scene in Toronto.  Busking in Europe, 10 years in Japan, and over a decade in India – Harry Manx has been around and his sound is imbued with spirit and complexity layered over his continuous success. Manx has released 12 albums in 12 years, been awarded seven Maples Blues Awards, had six Juno nominations, won the 2005 Best Solo Artist and CBC’s Great Canadian Blues Award in 2007.

The Mary Webb Centre would like to thank our generous sponsor, Kearney Planters for making it possible to present such talent on March 28th at 8pm.  Harry Manx will undoubtedly be capturing us and taking us on a trip.  For more information about Harry Manx, please visit www.harrymanx.com