James Boraski & Momentary Evolution

James Boraski seems to have never had a dull moment. This Canadian gem who fuses roots, blues and blues-rock together with his introspective and creative style has been all over the country throughout his life and career. Inspired by his father Leo, Boraski has a keen work ethic behind him, learned from an early age. From a small farming community outside of Brantford, but now based in Thunder Bay, Boraski was raised on a soundtrack of Johnny Cash, blues and soul. Boraski’s own sound is original, innovative and worthy of revere alongside his classic instrumentation that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional blues.  Rivalling other international acts and exceeding expectations, Boraski continues to feature as headliner at many festivals with a growing reputation for being a natural promoter of music and festivals.  In short, his references and critics are raving.
Boraski has not surprisingly kept busy. Life’s responsibilities may have put a music career on hold at times, but Boraski’s rich experiences across Canada, ranging as far as Inuvik and Yellowknife, are what make his work compelling. Boraski has an ability to story-tell, entertain and awe audiences with his creative style on blues. In 2004, Boraski formed his band MomentaryEvolution, and then in 2009 recorded his first album NVR2L8 (Never Too Late) following with Comin’ Home in 2013. On that second album, Boraski is supported by legendary Juno award winner Jack de Keyzer – you can’t get a better compliment than that! Attracting excellent reviews, placing #6 in the Top 10 Canadian Blues Rock Albums of the Year by the Blues Underground Network, James Boraski joins us on November 22nd for what will surely be an intimate chance to soak up some of the best that Canadian Blues can offer. Join us at 8pm.  For more information, please visit www.jamesboraski.com

Mona Natvik, The Mary Webb Centre