Listen to the Music – Doobie Brothers Tribute Band

The Mary Webb Centre for the Arts was rocking and rolling on Saturday,
Oct. 21, 2023 as they listened to “Listen to the Music” by the Doobies
Brothers Tribute Band. They started off with “Jesus is All Right” from 1973
and shortly after played “Black Water”, from 1973 which was the Doobies
first #1 hit. All five musicians were truly incredible musicians who
complimented each other so well. At one point they played a tribute of a
tribute to BB King which allowed them all to show case their talent. They
have been together as a band for over a year and are all so tuned in with
each other.
In speaking to one of the guitarists after the show, he couldn’t stop saying
how much fun they had playing in the Mary Webb Centre. The audience
was so receptive and because they are close to the band, no matter where
you sit you always are always having a great time. That is something that
we always hear from groups that come to play at the MWC. Throughout the
concert, various members of the band continued to thank the MWC for
inviting them to play there. Their next show is in Kitchener, so small
Highgate is right up there with bigger venues in attracting bands to their
It was also interesting to hear that the mother of one of the guitarists lives
in Ridgetown and together, they had seen several shows at the MWC. He
had always wondered what it would be like facing the audience, instead of
the band and now he was getting to do it.
They ended their second set with “Listen to the Music” which had folks
clapping and up dancing. They got a loud standing ovation and were not
allowed to leave the stage. They ended with a 10 minute version of
Dangerous and could have kept going for many of the audience. A truly
great night.
Thanks to our local sponsors Shirley Kennedy, Dr. Kathryn Ashton and Dr.
Paul Newman.