The Good Lovelies

Along with Kearney Planters and the Investors Group from Dutton, The Mary Webb Centre presents The Good Lovelies to the stage for what will surely be another upbeat, sassy, and witty Christmas concert performance on Dec. 13.  After having graced the stage before, The MWC made sure to get them back! The Good Lovelies are an upbeat combination of harmony, humour and musical know-how. This ensemble has been enlivening the folk music scene since 2006 with their relentless commitment to each other and their brand of folk music of universal appeal.  These three women came together to perform a Christmas concert at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and decided to stick together after leaping from their day jobs to venture onto the road making music.  1 EP, 4 albums and a Canadian Juno award later, The Good Lovelies’ name is getting bigger and bigger.  Caroline Brooks, Kerri  Ough and Sue Passmore have been constantly touring with jaunts to Australia, the UK and the US.  They are lighthearted and irresistible with the kind of disposition that just makes you happy.  Come and join us for some Christmas delight before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, bring the whole family and enjoy how The Good Lovelies will turn your winter frowns up side down.
Mona Natvik on behalf of The Mary Webb Centre