Vicki McKay

Walking the family farm and exploring natural areas Vicki became fascinated with and fell in love with nature.  This interest led to a career as a professional biologist.  Through nature photography, Vicki liberates herself from the depressing and stagnant indoor world where much of our lives are spent.  As she reconnects with nature, it stimulates her creativity.  Vicki’s fine art focusses on the vibrancy of colour, pattern and texture innate in our environment.  By conveying nature scenes and their powerful healing, comforting and revitalizing effects back into every day life, Vicki strives to combat Nature Deficit Disorder – all the health dilemmas that we suffer as a result of our disconnect with nature.

Brett camped with his family.   Looking for wildlife developed his interest in the environment leading to a forestry and natural resources career.  Brett enjoys nature photography, trying to capture the scale and size of the environment while preserving the reality of what was seen. 

Vicki and Brett encourage you to bring nature, and all the health and well-being it has to offer, back into your home, office and life in order to reconnect with nature.  Research clearly shows that nature, including images of it, provide us with many health benefits.