The temperature in The Mary Webb Centre was on the rise on Saturday night, Feb. 11/17, when the New Orleans jazz sound of Red Hot Ramble filled the building. This concert, presented by Victory Lincoln of Chatham, was the second appearance of the group at the MWC and they certainly lived up to our slogan “If it’s at The Mary Webb, you know it’s going to be good!” as they delivered an exciting evening featuring the essence of Mardi Gras!

 The five piece band comprised of keyboard, trumpet, upright bass, drums and saxophone, both alto and baritone, had everyone rocking in the pews! The audience was invited to join in with the vocals and participate with the music.

 Along with beads, masks, parasols and hats, Red Hot Ramble transformed The Mary Webb Centre into a New Orleans stage. The unbelievably talented ensemble played a variety of popular smooth, upbeat and often sultry New Orleans jazz. During the performance each musician was highlighted to showcase their instrument and talent.  A very appreciative crowd danced in the aisles in typical New Orleans parade style.